2500ml Red Bull Sugarfree

2500ml Red Bull Sugarfree

Wings without sugar: 2500ml Red Bull Sugarfree is Red Bull energy drink without sugar.

General information
Contents0,25 Liter
Country of originNetherlands
Producer/Manufactured forRed Bull Deutschland GmbH, Osterwaldstraße 10, 80805 Munich, Germany
IngredientsWater, sucrose, glucose, acidifier citric acid, carbonic acid, taurine (0.4%), acidity regulator (sodium carbonate, magnesium carbonate), caffeine (0.03%), vitamins (niacin, pantothenic acid, B6, B12), flavoring, coloring (simple caramel, riboflavin). 2500ml Red Bull
Nutritional values
Calorific value per 100g (in kJ)192 kJ
Calorific value per 100g (in kcal)45 kcal
Carbohydrate content per 100g11 g
Sugar content per 100ml11 g
Salt content per 100ml0,1 g
Other properties
remarkincreased caffeine content

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