ORGANIC Cooking and frying oil

ORGANIC Cooking and frying oil

ORGANIC Cooking and frying oil

Our high-oleic cooking and frying oil is cold-pressed from shelled sunflower seeds. Due to its high content of oleic acid of around 80 g per 100 g, it is particularly heat-resistant. Therefore, it is ideal for frying, baking and deep-frying. Our cooking and frying oil is vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free. It should be kept at room temperature and tightly closed. Furthermore, we attach a dispenser that enables easy and precise dosage and also reduces the product’s contact with oxygen.

The difference between our cooking and frying oil and our sunflower seed oil virgin

There are numerous different kinds and breeds of sunflower seeds, that are all quite similar in their shape and colour but differ in their nutrient composition. For our cold-pressed cooking and frying oil, we use seeds from high-oleic sunflowers, a breed with an extra high content of oleic acid, a heat-resistant monounsaturated fatty acid. Selective breeding is not to be confused with genetic engineering. Of course, our organic cooking and frying oil is free from genetically engineered organisms.

By contrast, our organic virgin sunflower seed oil mainly contains mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids as well as vitamin E (around 48 g per 100 g). It is perfect for homemade mayonnaise, tartar sauce, dips or marinades.

  • from controlled organic cultivation
  • cold-pressed and freshly milled
  • particularly heat-stable due to high oleic acid content
  • mild and pleasant taste

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