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Acacia Lavender Bee Pollen Honey

Acacia Lavender Bee Pollen Honey

Understanding  about Acacia Lavender Bee Pollen Honey

Bee Pollen

Premium Bee Pollen

130 g Recommended for:

• Immune system boost

• Allergies

• Acne

• Digestion

• Depression

• High blood pressure

• Diabetes

• Skin problems

Bee Pollen is an amazing, naturally occurring supplement and is among the most nutritious foods on the Planet as it contains every essential nutrient

needed for perfect health.

Bee Pollen is collected from the richest wild flora in the world and contains no pesticides or chemicals.

Bee pollen is rich in Vitamin B Complex (which gives energy) and carotenes, including vitamins C and E (potent antioxidants).


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