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Striped Sunflower Jaguar Xl 4337

Striped Sunflower Jaguar Xl 4337

Understanding  about Striped Sunflower Jaguar Xl 4337

Count: 300 pcs/50 g (from which 0.5% empty – with immature kernel)

Availability of kernels: 46.8%

Moisture: 6.4%

Purity: 99 %

Moisture: Маx.

6 %

Defects: (maximum percentage/maximum pieces)

Broken, Cracked and splits seeds 2%

Immatures, blanks, loose hull, loose kernels 0.5%

Insect damage 1.5%

Off color shell 2%

Total damage 5%

Foreign matter free

Other sunflower seeds varieties Max 10%

Plagues free

Additional: sound and merchantable, pesticide, microbiological and analytical values are according to European Union laws.

Aflatoxin values within admissible standarts by EU legislations.


Salmonella: negative/25 g


Coli: negative/1 g


Posted By: Exporters WH
Phone: 5878919484
Address: C/ de la Safor, 10, Campanar, 46015 València, Campana , València , Spain

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