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Bakery Grade Hulled Sunflower Seeds Kernels

Bakery Grade Hulled Sunflower Seeds Kernels

Understanding about Bakery Grade Hulled Sunflower Seeds Kernels

Sunflower Kernels Bakery grade

Processed on last genaration cleaning machines, stone removers, laser machines, metal detectors, X ray.

Quality – Conventional and Organic

NON Genetically Modified Product;

Crop – 2018;

Moisture – 6-8%;

Color – Light Grey;

Taste – Typical for product;

Broken kernels max.

8% under half kernel;

Purity – 99, 9 %;

Flavor – Good, typical, free of stale, flat or rancid flavors;

Odor – Good, typical, fresh aroma;

Texture – Firm, not brittle or soggy;

Foreign Matter – Not more than 0.1%.

No dangerous foreign matter may be present;

Preservatives/Additive s – No preservatives or chemical additives may be used;

Packing – 25 kg Paper Bags – 3 ply paper; PVC Pails; Nylon bags sealed.

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